Bake those buns! zaterdag 17 augustus 2024 14.00 uur



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You probably know them: our delicious cinnamon buns, cardamom-poppy seed buns, and blueberry buns. They are a perfect accompaniment to a fresh cup of coffee or tea. Whether you want to share them or secretly enjoy them on your own, these buns are a great treat. What many people don’t know is that they’re vegan and therefore lactose-free.

During this workshop, we will make these buns together. Our bakers will prepare the initial dough, so by the end of the workshop, you’ll take home a large box of buns. We will definitely make the classic cinnamon flavor, but we also offer the opportunity for you to create your own unique type of bun. We have a wide range of ingredients for you to choose from, such as cocoa and peppers, thyme and lemon, or whatever you prefer—it’s up to you!

Included in the workshop are recipes, tips and tricks, and a big box of buns.

By the way, please note that this workshop is conducted in English. However, our bakers also speak Dutch.